Today, we begin our series “The King and Queen” and we looking at the sovereignty of God. Is God ever surprised? Have you ever felt that God is late or uncooperative? Does it appear that God is working somewhere else and with someone else but not around or in you? Make sure you come back next week as we continue this amazing series.


Every year VC partners with Social Services to bring Christmas presents to 90 different children being served in the foster care system who may not normally have Christmas. Starting NEXT WEEK, you will have the opportunity to choose a name (or two or three!) and buy Christmas gifts for that child. We ask that you spend around $50 and return the gift with the tag attached to the wrapping so we know who it goes to!


A few weeks ago we held ‘GroupLink’. A time where each of our city group leaders come together to showcase their group and invite you in! If you missed it - that’s okay! It isn’t too late to join a citygroup! We were never meant to do life alone, so if you’re interested in getting started email Groups Pastor, Michael Heredia at for more information on groups.


Today, right after The Gathering, VC is making a BIG announcement about the future of our church. Make sure you stick around to hear the news and see where Vintage is headed!


For every new connection card turned in to our New Here tent in the month of November, VC will donate $5 to Safe Harbor Rescue Mission. Providing an array of services, Safe Harbor’s mission is to create a Christ-centered community for rebuilding, renewing and recovery for women and their families. For more information Safe Harbor you can visit their website at


Here at Vintage we see offering as an act of worship. We offer three ways you can give - in the offering boxes near the EXIT signs on your way out of the theater, online or you can text your gift to give to 828.471.4100.


Needed Weekly: $5,000.00 / Last Week: $3,106.23


216 2nd St. NW, Hickory NC, 28601