Welcome to the official blog of Vintage City Church! If you found your way here then you’ve probably noticed a few new things going on with the church. First, we have a newly redesigned website, which is pretty snazzy if we may say so. And second, we just moved to the Big D theater! And we started our new series Christianity Is A Joke. With so many things happening, it would be easy to overlook the blog – but hopefully you’ll take a moment to pause and take a glance!

You may be asking yourself, “Why does Vintage City need a blog?” The honest answer is, of course, we don’t – who does, really? Over the last several months, we have been brainstorming new ways to engage our church and our friends outside of it to constantly be on mission as a church for people who don’t like church. It’s great to come on Sunday to worship with the band, hear a message, and volunteer our time in service – all of these things are vital, nourishing elements of our walks with Christ. But what about the rest of the week? Some of us might read the Bible throughout the week, work through a Bible study, or perhaps you even have a few blogs that you already follow. Or if we’re honest, maybe we let things get lost in the craziness that life tends to throw our way. 

The idea was to come up with something simple and easily accessible, something with which everyone could engage on a real level, whether you’ve been a Christian since you were born, or you’re just not into this whole religion thing – or even if you’re somewhere in between. What might this something be?

The answer is the blog! The Vintage City blog is going to be a place where you will (hopefully) find writings aimed at challenging, affirming, and fortifying you as you go throughout your week. Our initial goal is to post one or two pieces a week, focusing on theology, culture, and life in general. We want to engage our minds and hearts not only with Scripture and the heart of Jesus, but also with the world around us – the people we live beside every day, the entertainment we consume, and the issues and injustices facing our society.  

We’re not aiming to preach to the converted. Our hope is that the blog will be a way to start conversations – within the church, with friends and family, with co-workers, and yes, within ourselves. You may agree with what we post, and sometimes you may not – and that is okay. The goal is to get all of us thinking and talking about God and life and everything in between in more thoughtful, meaningful ways. Comments and critiques are not only welcome, but encouraged – we want to know what you think! 

So whether you never miss a Sunday at Vintage City or you’ve never heard of us and just happened to stumble across this blog, welcome! We hope that you will be challenged, encouraged, and inspired by what you read here, and that this blog will help you grow in your relationship with Christ, wherever you are and whatever your circumstances. Let’s get started!